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Now that we’re getting into the swing of things here at the Merkato Blender, it’s time to introduce a reoccurring blog theme – interviews with friends, mentors, media and basically anyone we find interesting.  We hope to learn from experts in their fields and also shine a spotlight on people we admire.

I’m the lucky one who’s kicking off the very first Merkato Blender interview – When Bea met Dee. 

I met with up-and-coming Toronto photographer Ildiko Siklodi (known as Dee) at one of my favourite coffee shops, Fahrenheit , for a chat about her photography and how she uses her blog to showcase her creativity and skills.  Since Merkato is just stepping up to the blogging game, I thought Dee might have some good advice for the team.

After we exchanged pleasantries and a hug, we sipped Americano’s, had a chuckle and got down to business.


About her work and her blog

Dee founded her business, Sik Photography in 2009.  She takes stunning portraits, covers events, has a strong fashion portfolio and is working to make her name in the tough Toronto market.  In July 2012 she launched a companion blog that tells the story behind her photos.

Her blog helps potential clients understand that value of her skills. There is a common misperception, she says, that photography is “really easy and all you need is a good camera, but the technical knowledge is so important. I went back to school to receive a professional accreditation.”

Creativity and passion, as she mentions on her blog, also help.


Dee’s favourite photographers

Dee has a lot of love for contemporary photography, and one of her favourite artists is Jade Beall, who photographs mothers after they give birth:  

“It is so real and raw. We are so used to seeing photography that is photoshopped and people that look plastic. She captures the beauty and the reality of motherhood.  It is a celebration of bodies, not an attempt to critique and fix them, but a way to love them the way they are.”

 “There are quite a few in Toronto that do really meaningful series.  Another exhibit that I fell in love with was a series by Tom Hussey that focused on looking back to your younger self.  It was full of beautiful portrait of older people looking into mirrors seeing their younger selves.”  


Advice to her younger self

Dee would tell her 20-year-old self not to get caught up “in the idea that you have to follow a traditional career path. Do what you love and don’t be afraid.”


Traits of a good blogger

When exploring the blogosphere Dee looks for bloggers who connect with their audience and are down to earth. “I used to think that niche bloggers were best,” she says, “but now seeing bloggers with diverse interest sparks my interest. I just want them to be true to who they are.”


A few rapid fire questions:

Complete the following phrase : Gin and….?



Vinyl or MP3?



Salt, gift from the earth or health hazard?

Health hazard.


Favourite spot for a snack or beverage?



Square, circle or triangle?

Circle – because it is infinite…can I say S curve?


You can check out Dee’s work at and follow her on Twitter at @SikPhotography

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