The Top 5 Reasons Startups Need PR

PR for startups

Startup is the buzz word of the decade. Small businesses with big ideas are popping up everywhere, so how can yours cut through the clutter and rise above the competition?  The simple answer is: make your stories heard.

You have a brilliant idea and a growing business; you can pitch to investors with your eyes closed, but more exposure to the right people would really help you take off.  PR professionals can help by bringing know-how and relationships to the table getting you the exposure you need.

Here are five reasons why startups and PR are the perfect pair:


1.  Startups are made for media coverage

You may not have the budget for media stunts like Richard Branson or Red Bull, but as a startup you have something news media want: a new and exciting story. You’re an innovator bringing something different to the world; you’re a little guy challenging the industry standard; you’re a Canadian company in a competitive global market. These are stories media love.

As Public Relations professionals, we know exactly what media are looking for and how to reach them. We can help you turn your story into news, package it so reporters will want to use it all the while building meaningful relationships for your company with journalists, producers, radio hosts, and digital influencers. We can get your company the exposure it needs and propel your business to new heights.


2.  PR is affordable

Entrepreneurs know it takes at least one year of business just to break even and only if you’re lucky. Startups invest so much time, energy, and money to make their product or idea work. Getting the word out about your startup’s success often falls to the wayside.

PR is the Mighty Mouse of the marketing world. It costs less than advertising, reaches large, influential audiences, and adds credibility. Telling your story simply, clearly and truthfully through media, is a winning formula for convincing skeptical consumers to spend their hard earned dollars on you and your product.

An added bonus is that PR packaging of your story (text, graphics, video, photos) can be developed quickly and costs a fraction of what the big companies spend on marketing and advertising.


3.  PR can help you communicate with everyone in language they understand

Have you ever tried to explain your company to someone only to see their eyes glaze over at the first hint of professional jargon? The truth is, every sector has its own insider language that is completely lost on the average person. Creators of startups tend to be specialists who sweat the details and are immersed in their field; this can make it hard for them to tell their story in plain terms.

PR professionals can give you the easy to understand, powerful language that anyone will listen to and repeat. As communicators, we excel at the often difficult task of making language simple. We’ll help you communicate like a pro outside of the boardroom and up your game inside it too.


4.  Investing in key message creation can streamline your communications

A key to success is ensuring that everyone’s mission and visions are aligned. From your website to news interviews to business pitches, you should always be saying the same thing. Key messages are essential to ensure this. It is important to remember the most effective messaging is concise, clearly spells out the benefits to your audience, and is delivered consistently every time.

PR people can help you identify the core key messages about your brand/product/company you want people to know, and help you weave these messages into all of your communications.

Key messages guide what you say and write, but they also guide what you do, they explain who you are, and what you are going to accomplish. In finding your key messaging you’re finding your brand, your future, and your story all rolled into a few phrases (or tweets).

Consistent brands keep consumers happy and loyal.


5.  PR can make you an authority

If you’ve created a startup, no matter what it is, you’re likely an expert at what you do. That’s an opportunity for exposure. Your knowledge is interesting and valuable to other people; in a digital world you can share your expertise with anyone in almost every way you can imagine.

You may be called for quotes or asked to speak on a panel, once your name gets out as an expert the options are endless. Whether it’s a blog, infographic, Vine video or Facebook page we can help you deliver your expertise to people that matter to you.


So there you have it, five great reasons PR is made for startups. Think yours is ready?


(posted by Beatrice and Patrick)

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