David is a versatile accountant and administrator with experience working in a number of industries.  He is described as an analytical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills.  As Merkato’s Finance Manager, his mission is to continually refresh and update operating and accounting processes to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients. David is responsible for in-office accounting duties, IT management, office operations, and providing administrative support to the Merkato team.

Prior to joining Merkato, David was the Corporate Accountant at Arrow Capital Management Inc., Program Rights Accountant at Shaw Media, and Accounting Assistant at Ketchum Public Relations.

David studied business administration at Trent University, a small business school that emphasizes ethical business practices and environmental sustainability.  He was an honours student and demonstrated great leadership in the role of student representative to the Business Program Committee.

In his spare time, David is an avid trumpeter who enjoys cycling, softball, cooking, all things electronic, and especially loves listening to music and going to concerts.  He has recently developed an appreciation for new and vintage audio equipment which he is successfully keeping within his budget.