Seven newsworthy Twitter accounts for Follow Friday

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Merkato senior consultant Patrick Burke shares his favourite journalists to follow on Twitter:

Reading the paper is my morning ritual and I won’t change it even if every daily goes out of business and I have to print screen shots to read at breakfast. (A moment of silence for the Grid, shut down on Wednesday, and its staff).

Still, I’ve become equally attached to Twitter as way of getting the news. While print tends to be reliable and authoritative, Twitter is fast, off-the-cuff and colourful. Some journalists give us the best of both worlds perhaps because they understand what’s common between great ‘traditional’ and social media: stories that are timely, human and shareable.

To celebrate my love of micro-journalism I’m sharing a few of my favourite tweeps on Twitter. I hope you’ll follow them too.

The Globe and Mail World Cup team (@cathalkelly; @MisterJohnDoyle@snolen)

The Globe’s coverage of the World Cup both on off the field has been so interesting that it’s filled the entertainment void created in my life by the end of Game of Thrones Season 4. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Cathal Kelly and John Doyle give us great pictures in 140 characters or less.

Kelly 2


Stephanie Nolen paints a brilliant picture of the World Cup as it happens off the field, and keeps her eye on international politics to boot:




The best thing about this trio is that they rarely agree on anything.


Nolen disagree

Canice Leung (@canice)

The online visuals editor at Thompson Reuters has a Twitter feed that might as well be its own, very entertaining, news wire. She’s funny, informative and one of the best sports commentators.



Annabelle Waugh (@AnnabelleWaugh)

As the maestro behind Canadian Living’s test kitchen, Annabelle shares fun tips (ex. how to boil a scrambled egg) and gives you a peek into what life in test kitchen is really like. Sometimes she’s peeking with only one eye opened:



Evan Solomon (@evansolomoncbc)

The co-host of Power and Politics is just as likely to engage a naysayer on Twitter as he is to tweet breaking news, making him a worthwhile follow.

Solomon 4 Solomon 3


Shinan Govani (@shinangovani)

Shinan is a National Post society columnist who’s got Twitter fingers on the pulse of everything that’s cool. According to one tweet he’s “fluent in press release-ese”. He also understands what other reporters have to go through.

Govani 3


Those are just a few of my favourites. Tweet us yours at @MerkatoComm!


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