Issues & Crisis Management

Merkato’s senior team has decades of experience working closely and collaboratively with our clients to manage some of Canada’s most complex and controversial issues before they turn into crises. We are in the business of helping our clients manage their issues, instead of being managed by them.

Our issues management services include:

  • Developing an issues monitoring and evaluation process
  • Developing detailed issues briefing documents
  • Establishing and managing an issues management team
  • Providing real-time advice and counsel on managing issues

We believe that well-managed issues present opportunities to build awareness, understanding and support for an organization’s people, policies, practices, products and, ultimately, its reputation.

Every major organization will, at some point in its history, be subject to intense media and public scrutiny (i.e. a communications crisis).  Throughout these periods of intense scrutiny, attitudes and opinions of employees, shareholders, suppliers, clients, regulators, customers, and all other stakeholders will be indelibly formed by the organization’s words and actions and can take a long time to change.

The Merkato team has managed local, national and international crisis situations including: product recalls, management errors, accidents, litigation, environmental contamination, government and media investigations and restructuring of major organizations.

We can help your organization put the plans, processes and procedures in place to respond to the challenges and threats it will face.

We are available 24/7 to help you manage the public relations aspects of issues so they don’t become a crisis. And, if they do escalate, our expertise will help you minimize downsides and turn adversity to advantage by sustaining consumer and public trust.

Our crisis communication services include:

  • Developing detailed crisis communications protocols
  • Developing and executing crisis simulations and evaluations
  • Providing crisis communications training
  • Providing real- time advice and counsel for managing crisis communications