Community Relations & Coalition Building

Community Relations

All organizations need to understand community values and be in sync with them. Successful organizations are actively involved in community affairs through strong relationships with community organizations, sponsorship of community activities and responding to local concerns.

Merkato is experienced in helping organizations develop and maintain strong relations with communities; in large urban centres and small towns, among special interest groups and multi-stakeholder coalitions. We can help you organize outreach programs, open houses, sponsorships, public consultation programs and community events.

Coalition Building

Before making commitments, government officials universally want to see visible evidence of broad public support. Individual organizations often need to mobilize their supporters to get the attention of government. Merkato’s approach makes it easy for your allies to publicly demonstrate their support. We know who to call, how to get their attention, the most efficient ways to contact them, when to go public and when to stay quiet and how to motivate them to take action on your behalf.