Communications Strategy

Merkato’s clients repeatedly tell us that what sets us apart from other agencies is our unique approach to developing winning communications strategies.

There are three key elements to all of Merkato’s communications strategies. We call them the three C’s:

1. Collaboration:

We believe collaboration with our clients and their partners is the best way to ensure communications strategies deliver the maximum impact. We thrive on the energy that’s created when we work together with a team of experts in research, graphic design, digital, experiential, government relations, legal and finance and other disciplines.

2. Creativity:

We infuse fresh thinking into every aspect of our communications strategies from developing the story, to producing the right visuals, and selecting the people to bring it to life.

3. Connections:

We are able to offer our clients access to our trusted network of specialists in every major market across Canada, including: consumer and public opinion researchers, designers, food stylists, health professionals, chefs photographers, recipe developers, spokespeople, video producers, and others.

Merkato is committed to truly partnering with our clients.  We take the time to learn, to analyze and to immerse ourselves in their business, marketing and communications environments.

Our communication strategies provide the framework for developing comprehensive and integrated campaigns. They define desired outcomes, roles and responsibilities, budgets, timelines and always provide clear objectives that are specific, measurable and achievable.

Just as important, our transparent and accountable project management ensures the entire team stays on track and on budget throughout a project or campaign.