Planning events in celebration of #ExperienceCDNbeef


 “Thanks for a wonderful night – what a great learning experience but also so much fun!  Love the events you (Merkato) put on, so professional!”
-Mardi Michels (eat. live. travel. write.)

When I tell people “I’m in PR”, they assume I mostly throw parties.  And while they aren’t entirely incorrect, there is so much more to hosting an effective and fun event than a great location and some fab food, although those definitely factor in!

A great event can complement, kick off, or conclude a successful PR campaign.  Guests need to be targeted and invited based on your strategic event goals.  Presentations, media kits, event information should be on strategy, brief and to the point, and everything must run like clockwork.  The location should complement the theme of the event, and should be easily accessible for all your guests.


And of course, there must be great food and beverages.  It’s like wedding planning, except for PR events the brand/product/promotion is the bride.  And like weddings, each bride is unique and should be the centre of attention.  Also like weddings, the guests should never be a second thought.  Their comfort and enjoyment is paramount to a successful event.


We hosted two of these events last week for Canada Beef in support of their incredible partnership with Jackson Family Wines and Karisma Hotels on the Canadian Beef Culinary Series #ExperienceCDNbeef.

Planning started months ago.  The goal of each event was to bring a group of high profile media and media influencers together in Calgary and Toronto to showcase incredible beef & wine and share details of the Canadian Beef Culinary Series.


With incredible food provided by Chefs Paul Rogalski and Michael Allemeier at Rouge Restaurant in Calgary and Chef Riley Bennett and the team of student Chefs at George Brown’s Chef House, the food surpassed all our guests’ expectations with one remarking, “they were the most delicious beef creations I’ve ever tasted!


Wine was provided by Jackson Family Wines, and an informative beef and wine pairing session with Gilian Handelman which was not only informative, but entertaining and had guests remarking, “Gilian rocked the house, that was awesome!” and, “informative and the best I’ve ever experienced.”


All guests left the event with bellies full of fabulous food, and brains filled with exciting information meeting all our client’s goals.  Guests also shared all their new knowledge (and made quite a few people hungry with all the great food pics) online, with tweets from both events generating over 1.2 million media impressions.

For Merkato, we were pleased to help Canada Beef achieve their goals, as well as reinforce our strong media relationships with a vibrant and diverse community of influencers.  The bride got her moment in the sun, and guests were treated like royalty – another great eventJ

To see event photos from Toronto click HERE and Calgary click HERE.


(posted by Heather)

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