Merkato Media Tour – Spokesperson tips from Chef Michael Howell

Jeremey John and Chef Howell BT Winn

Media touring may seem glamorous, but it can be a tough task.  If you’re on tour, you’re:

  • travelling to a different city every day,
  • waking up at ridiculous o’clock to head to an early morning TV segment, and
  • running around non-stop to ensure a full day of interviews goes off without a hitch.

Often it’s the awesome spokespeople we get to work with who make media tours really fun and rewarding.  At Merkato, one of our favourite spokespeople is Halifax-based Chef Michael Howell.

We spent a week travelling with Michael across the country sharing glorious recipes featuring 100 % Canadian Cheeses for our client Dairy Farmers of Canada.  During this time, we asked him to share a few of his favourite things about working with Dairy Farmers of Canada, the secret to being an excellent spokesperson and, for some added humour, what type of cheese best reflects his personality.

Chef Howell may be “surprisingly soft on the inside” but he sets hard schedules for himself on the outside. In addition to being a spokesperson, he is the Executive Director of Devour! The Food Film Festival and leader of Slow Food Nova Scotia. Through his company Tempestuous Culinary, Chef Howell leads small groups on culinary tours of Italy as a personal guide and chef.  Follow Michael and his many endeavours on Twitter.

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