Getting the inside scoop on natural health this summer


I have every hipster’s dream job.

One of the best things about it, is that we are literally ahead of the news!  We get to find out what’s ‘the new hot’ before it’s ‘the new hot’.

This was the case when I got to interview and film industry insider experts at the Canadian Health Food Association’s “CHFA West” trade show; Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to the natural health and organic industry, located in Vancouver, BC.

CHFA West 2

Even the air of the innovative and award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre felt healthy, and that was before walking onto the trade show floor, filled with the hottest new natural health and organic products: GMO-free breath mints; microencapsulated fish oil; super-isolates of protein and greens powders.

But the best part was being there for the job at hand: to film leading experts in the field and gain insights into what are going to be the hottest health trends this summer.  Healthy hydration, new summer supplements, labelling and transparency, summer superfoods and skin care are the things to watch for. All while working with my friend, colleague and rising star – holistic nutritionist, Michelle Book.

It’s one thing to be in awe of these natural health super-stars who grace the nation’s television programs, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little star-struck by speaking with them face-to-face.  Joy McCarthy, a regular on CBC’s “Steven and Chris”, Julie Daniluk who appears on Marilyn Dennis and CTV, Kathy Smart who is Global’s gluten-free expert and (vegan) Triathlete Brendan Brazier all had extraordinary tips for living this summer to its fullest and healthiest.

So check-out what these experts had to say, and get ahead of the health curve this summer.


(posted by Blair)

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