An Earth to Table experience at Bread Bar Hamilton

Earth to Table Bread Bar

Do you have a favourite cookbook? I have two.

One of them is Earth to Table: Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm by Jeff Crump and Bettina Schormann.  It was a Christmas gift from my step-mum – a fellow foodie :)

My copy of the cookbook has sticky pages and scribbles of my own notes on some of my favourite recipes, always a sign of a well-loved cookbook.  My favourite recipe from Earth to Table is for Colcannon potatoes (page 203).  It is basically the food intersection of awesome: potatoes, bacon, and Brussels sprouts.  Throw in a dash of wine, some herbs, and poof – you’ve got comforting deliciousness in every bite.

I truly cannot count how many times Colcannon potatoes are made in our house, especially during the winter.  They’ve appeared beside our Christmas roast beef, and also with an egg on top for breakfast.

So last week when I joined the lovely Kate Dowhan for lunch at Bread Bar in Hamilton, I was pleased as punch to meet Jeff.  It was a celebrity encounter of the foodie kind! I was totally smitten. I hugged him.  I told him I loved his cookbook.  I told him his recipe for Peperonata (page 112) is why I love capers.  He smiled and it totally didn’t get awkward….:)

Food at Bread Bar

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and chatted food the entire time.  I was in heaven.  Of course the company was amazing, but it was the fresh tasty food that had me sold.  AND!!! the best part is, Bread Bar is coming to Guelph! I can’t wait!

Their motto is “good ingredients matter” and it shines through in the food creations.  It was such a pleasure to meet someone who has had a hand in helping me explore new foods, and find favourite recipes.  See what I mean? A regular celebrity encounter.

Be sure to visit Bread Bar if you’re in the area, and of course – you’ll probably run into me there when the new Guelph location opens up in the early Fall.

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