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Intern Diary: Daily Routine and a Q&A

Intern Computer

Our intern, Megan, joined our team about three months ago as an undergraduate in Communication Studies at McMaster University. As she gets ready for her final year of school, we asked her to reflect upon her internship and what she had learned as part of the Merkato team. From the moment she unlocks her office… Read more »

Confused by Snapchat? Check Out Our Top Three Tools and Learn How to Use Them

Snapchat Logo

The narrative isn’t even new anymore; a few college guys build an online messaging system from their garage aiming to revolutionize how users communicate. In September 2011, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown created Snapchat, a temporary image and video messaging app for iOS, and now, Android. Over the past four years, Snapchat has… Read more »

5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Become a Leader in Your Workplace

feature image

I recently had the privilege of attending a forward-thinking, all-women leadership seminar at The Rotman School of Management. Across the two-day event we covered many emerging business and leadership strategies, concepts and tactics all aimed at improving our professional and personal lives and the lives of those around us. Leadership is no longer a task-oriented… Read more »

Community Building at #FBC2015

FBC cover

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending FBC 2015, Food Bloggers of Canada’s (FBC) annual conference. This conference hosts the ‘who’s who’ of food blogging in Canada and as a lover of food I was pretty excited to learn from and collaborate with these individuals. It was such an educational experience to… Read more »

Stay ahead when you’re winning: how Sportsnet and Gotstyle should have handled Bautista’s boycott

Devon Travis Makeover

Toronto has a serious case of Blue Jays fever.  The team hasn’t received this much press and attention since Joe Carter’s glorious walk off homer in 1993.  Media are looking to post a new story about the team no matter how trivial the topic.  It makes sense, the fans are eating it up. Currently the… Read more »

The Guelph Awards of Excellence and Top Tips For Your Acceptance Speech


“And the winner is…” Every awards show nominee hopes these words precede his or her name. Then comes the fateful walk to the podium, the uncoordinated scramble through pockets for hastily jotted notes on a crumpled cocktail napkin and the heat of a spotlight illuminating the beads of sweat forming on one’s brow. With hundreds… Read more »

Lessons from Jonah Berger’s Contagious


Inspired by Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, marketing professor Jonah Berger aims to explain “the psychology of sharing” in his book Contagious: Why things catch on. Here are my crib notes on the book’s best points: The argument: There are “six principles of contagiousness” according to Berger; six ingredients that will help an idea spread… Read more »

The Top 5 Reasons Startups Need PR

PR for startups

Startup is the buzz word of the decade. Small businesses with big ideas are popping up everywhere, so how can yours cut through the clutter and rise above the competition?  The simple answer is: make your stories heard. You have a brilliant idea and a growing business; you can pitch to investors with your eyes closed,… Read more »

Ag Literacy Week

Ag Literacy Week

Did you know the week of March 1 through 7 is Canadian Agricultural Literacy week? With more and more of us looking to gain a deeper understanding of where our food comes from, the importance of this week is enormous. Working with agricultural groups is one of Merkato’s greatest strengths. Our team loves working with… Read more »

Social Media Tips for Registered Dietitians

Social Media Tips for Registered Dieitians

Last week Merkato VP Heather Travis had the pleasure of speaking to Ryerson’s Masters of Nutrition Communications program.  The topic: How to grow your personal brand and add value to your employer through effective use of social media. There are many opportunities for Registered Dietitians to advance their careers by developing a strong online presence,… Read more »