Ag Literacy Week

Ag Literacy Week

Did you know the week of March 1 through 7 is Canadian Agricultural Literacy week?

With more and more of us looking to gain a deeper understanding of where our food comes from, the importance of this week is enormous.

Working with agricultural groups is one of Merkato’s greatest strengths. Our team loves working with farmers, visiting farms, and helping to share their regional and national Canadian food stories. Part of what makes working with agricultural groups such a great experience (and fun!) is all the continuous learning. We learn new words, learn about what actually happens on Canadian farms, learn about where our food comes from, and most awesome of all is getting to spend time with Canadian farmers who help teach us all of this (and more!).


Heather lasso

Photo: Heather learns some rope skills before heading out on a Canadian beef cattle drive in Alberta

Not everyone is as lucky as we are. Not everyone gets to learn about food and farming right from the farmer, but there are some pretty good runner-ups. Here is a great list of fantastic websites and resources you can use and share to help you grown your own agricultural literacy.


  • Never been to a real Canadian farm? Take a tour virtually with these virtual farm tours.
  • Want to know the #RealDirt on Canadian agriculture? Download your copy of the latest Real Dirt on Farming With facts, figures, and lots of great information from those who grow and raise your food, #RealDirt is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to know about where their food comes from.
  • Are you a teacher? Ontario Agri-Food Education has free, downloadable resources and lesson plans to help you educate the next generation on Canadian food & farming.
  • Agriculture in the classroom also has some fantastic resources to help grow food & farming knowledge.
  • Are you on Twitter & Instagram? Be sure to follow #Farm365 where farmers and ranchers all across Canada share daily bites of what life is really like on their farms. Started by dairy farmer Andrew Campbell @FreshAirFarmer, it’s a great opportunity to connect with real Canadian farmers and learn more about what they do every day.
  • Want to hear directly from farmers about where your dinner starts? Follow the Dinner Starts Here blog.


As Canadians we are blessed with a bounty of fresh, high quality food brought to our grocery stores, farmers markets, and dinner tables by caring farmers and ranchers. Let’s celebrate that bounty by growing our knowledge together!


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